So new problem for me on Win10 on a desktop attached to ethernet:

When I put the computer to sleep (basically at this point just shutting the monitors off) no matter how short the time, I lose my wired internet connection.

Before sleeping: (notice the connected computer icon)

has interwebs

After sleeping:

no interwebs!

Looked here: How not to lose Wifi after going to Standby mode? and looked at the linked MS forum but wasn't a big help. Have checked off all the power-saver settings that are general to Win10 but when I go ctrl-panel -> device manager -> adapter I don't have a 'power-management' option.


no power management

So I'm not sure where/what to try next.

  • do you use Virtualbox? this is known to cause it for several years. Oct 3, 2015 at 6:26


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