I am running Windows 7 and would like to use the CAPSLOCK key as Alt Gr, because I don't use it anyway and shortcuts like Alt Gr + 7 ({on the German keyboard) hurt the fingers.

I tried the following AutoHotkey script, because AltGr does not have its own symbol, but it seems like you cannot map a single key to two combined keys:

Capslock::LControl & RAlt

Am I doing it wrong or is this just not possible with AutoHotkey? If not, are there other tools that make it possible?

  • Have you tried to Send it? Capslock::Send {LControl}{RAlt} – lintalist Oct 4 '15 at 14:07

The suggestion in the comment may work...

Capslock::Send {LControl}{RAlt}

And you may or may not need to add a second hotkey for release if things get stuck.

Capslock::Send {LControl down}{RAlt down}
Capslock Up::Send {LControl Up}{RAlt up}

I can't test this on my keyboard.

See also this somewhat similar/related post.

  • The second example doesn't work (tested in Win10). it will leave you completely stuck you at altgr – rubo77 Sep 19 '18 at 4:22

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