As with shortcuts in Windows Explorer or aliases in Mac OS Finder, I want to create shortcuts to a bookmark folder in Google Chrome.

For example : I have a folder "Shenmue" in my bookmarks, I want to put this folder in three different bookmark folders at the same time : "videogames", "art" and "favorites".


Here are the instructions:

  1. Move your bookmark folder to the "Bookmarks Bar".
  2. Close any existing "Bookmark Manager" tabs.
  3. Right click the bookmark folder (Shenmue in your case) on the "Bookmarks Bar", select "Bookmark Manager" (as shown in the following screenshot):

    Get the URL of the bookmark folder - Step 1/2

  4. Now, you have a link to your bookmark folder, which looks like chrome://bookmarks/#2245 (as shown in the following screenshot):

    Get the URL of the bookmark folder - Step 2/2

  5. Click the star on the right of the address bar, and select the folder you want to put it into (videogames in your case). Note: by default, the newly created bookmark of the link to Shenmue will be named Bookmark Manager.

  6. Rename the newly created bookmark (in videogames) from the default Bookmark Manager to Shenmue.
  7. Copy-and-paste the newly created and renamed bookmark Shenmue to your folders art and favorites.
  8. Reverse step 1 of these instructions.

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