Somehow last week my git autocompletion on Oh-my-zsh, on my iterm app on mac started behaving strangely.

if I type git checkout and then I used to get autocompletion on the branch names, so I was seeing autocompletion suggestions like:


I'm not sure what changed, but suddenly I started getting autocompletion on the commit numbers, if I type the same I get something like below:



-- Merge pull request #98
-- added new action
-- fixing test

Where 391adf3 is a merge commit, with commit message merge pull req #98

I wonder what happened, what could I check out?

These are the plugins I have installed in my ~/.zshrc file:

plugins=(capistrano jira ruby rails gem rake-fast rvm textmate brew cap bundler dirhistory last-working-dir git git-extras)

Remove git-extras from the list, it will solve your issue.

  • "Try removing" ... "seems to solve". Well does it solve it or not? It it doesn't it is not an answer. If it does please make that clear. – DavidPostill Oct 7 '15 at 19:38
  • Noted on the above. Edited accordingly. – joonki Oct 8 '15 at 1:10

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