I am on Debian Jessie with Mate (v1.8.1) desktop environment.

I have installed byobu and wanted to launch it every time I open a terminal so I went into the profile preferences, checked Run a custom command instead of my shell and add the following command:

It worked fine but I had the annoying startup message from byobu on each opening so I tried to mask the output by changing naively the command to:
/usr/bin/byobu > /dev/null

And here was my mistake... Now every time I launch a terminal it is closed immediately : I have no longer access to my profile preferences to edit the command. I do have access to Xterm though (i.e. I have a way to execute command lines).

  • How can I prevent the custom command to run on terminal launch ?
  • Where is stored the mate-terminal config file ? (so I can maybe manually removed the profile preferences)

P.S. I am aware of the --profile=PROFILE_NAME option of mate-terminal that I could launch from Xterm, unfortunately I have only one profile : the corrupted one.
I cannot find an option to launch mate-terminal with no preferences...

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I couldn't find the location of terminal profile configuration file so here is what I did:

  • install dconf (GUI editor for desktop environment settings)
  • launch dconf-editor
  • Go to org > mate > terminal > profiles > profile0
  • edit the key "custom command" (set it to empty)

After that I was able to launch the terminal without executing my custom command and had access to profile preferences again.

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