I am using zsh and i m having a hard time with the keybindings for the DELETEbutton. So for example i would like to use a command from my .zsh_history. To do so i hit the up button. If i now want to modify the command sightly i jump to the first position and hit the DELETEkey. But instead of deleting the first char it turn the first three characters to upper case, like:

vim .zsh.rc
VIM .zsh.rc

(the dash should represent the cursor position) Special characters are not affected by this.

I tried to add bindkey "e[3~" delete-char and [[ -n ${key[Delete]} ]] && bindkey "${key[Delete]}" delete-char to my zsh.rc but the DELETE key is not really impressed. Any suggestions?


The second I posted it, I saw my mistake - I forgot a backslash.

So I changed:

bindkey "e[3~" delete-char 


bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char 

and it worked.


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