I have an issue where Google Chrome pre-pends a symbol to my search query when I open a new chrome tab and type a search query in the url bar.

For example. I open a new tab and type in "news" and the query returns with this "%news". Then I have to manually delete the % sign and search again for the keyword. Also, if I type in "d3" it automatically converts that into a "?" symbol and searches google for "?". This issue only happens when I open a new tab and search in the address bar. If I actually go to google.com it does not happen.

  • Have you tried reinstalling Chrome? – Eric F Oct 9 '15 at 18:58
  1. Go to Chrome settings.

  2. Under Search, you should find Manage search engines....Click it.

  3. Under Default search engines, you may find a name followed by (Default).

  4. In that row, go to the third column and look for q=%%s.

  5. Edit that phrase into q=%s. (Remove the percentage mark)

  6. Press Enter and you are done.

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