I am struggling to install the fish shell on OS X El Capitan.

My user structure is setup so I have an administrator account and a standard account. The standard account is the one that I use and simply have the admin account for security reasons. However, I am unable to install fish on my standard account. It is installed perfectly on my admin account, but when I change the shell from bash to fish, I get the following error in iTerm2:

A session ended very soon after starting. Check that the command in profile "my_admin_username" is correct.

In the shell, I am also receiving the following error:

login: /usr/local/bin/fish: Permission denied

Now, the above would make sense, as I am only able to use fish when suing, but I have been unsuccessful thus far in setting fish up correctly to work across all of my accounts.

This is a clean, recent install so I am not sure what is causing this error. I can revert to bash easily, but I really want to be able to use fish.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • What are the permissions of /usr/local/bin/fish? The fish maintainer is active on stackoverflow, so you might want to ask there if you don't get any good answers here. – glenn jackman Oct 9 '15 at 20:35
  • -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 743892 Jul 12 03:34 fish – badfilms Oct 9 '15 at 20:42

El Capitan introduced a feature called System Integrity Protection that restricts even the root user from performing certain actions on some system directories, /usr/local included.

this might be relevant.

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