I was given an Excel spreadsheet that I have to convert into a SQL view.

In the cell formulas VLOOKUP is used and for almost all of the table_arrays I can find where the table_array is. But for one particular table_array I can't find it in any of the other sheets. I also have this same problem with a variable.

Is there an function where it will just automatically bring me to the variable or table_array?


Clicking Formulas->Name Manager brings me to a pop-up that tells me all of this information


To expand on TruthOf42's answer, you can display visible names in visible sheets using:

Formulas → Name Manager

If you have hidden sheets, you may need to unhide them using:

Home → Cells → Format → Visibility → Unhide Sheet

If you still can't find your named range, it may be that it was hidden using some vbscript. You can unhide all named ranges in your workbook by doing the following:

  1. Open Developer Tools (Alt + F11)
  2. Insert → Module
  3. Add the following code:

    Sub ShowNames()
        Dim xName As Name
        For Each xName In Application.ActiveWorkbook.Names
            xName.Visible = False
    End Sub
  4. Execute (F5)

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