There is a commented line in rsyslog.conf:

#kern.*         /dev/console

If I add this line to the configuration file:

kern.notice       /dev/console

Where do these messages go?

If I run this command:

logger -p kern.notice "Log Message Test"

Where will I see the message?

If I want to display the message on the terminal I use omusrmsg

Console is the same as terminal right?

When I fired this command:

echo "Testing" > /dev/console

nothing happened.

Where exactly does it go?


Here "Console" means the primary terminal.

The special /dev/console device node usually corresponds to what the kernel thinks to be the primary console, and that usually means whichever tty is in foreground (from tty1…tty63). On embedded systems, it might be redirected to a serial port using the console= kernel option.

Generally, in Unix, you might notice programs distinguishing between "console login" (directly at the PC) vs "remote / network login".

  • So where will I be able to see the log messages that are directed to /dev/console? – Sunshine Oct 11 '15 at 4:45

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