I have downloaded the complete 2012 HSK vocabulary from here, where it is available as an excel file. I have then converted it to .CSV and changed it to this form:


The first field denominates the Chinese entry (), the semicolon (;) is the field separator and the second field is a tag (HSK:1) As I already have a large number of Chinese words in my Anki database, I do not want to just import all of these blindly, but I would like to import them into Anki with the following prerequisites:

  • Anki should check for duplicates of the Chinese entry and then

    • if the entry exists, add the tag to the existing and keep the already existing ones,

    • if it does not exist, import it normally.

The problem I have encountered is that if I map the first field to the Simplified characters field of my note type, the second field to Tags and select the option Update existing notes when first field matches, Anki deletes the preexisting tags and only the HSK:* tag will remain.

So how can I batch-add tags to an Anki deck?


Apparently, it is not possible via Anki itself, but there is an add-on which can be used to import additional tags. To use, just follow the description on the linked site.

  • I've been looking for something like this for a while. However, it doesn't seem to work in Anki 2.0.36. – wizzwizz4 Aug 15 '16 at 20:02

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