I know that I can run a batch file with a low priority using command:

cmd /c start /B /BELOWNORMAL mvn.bat clean install && exit...

The problem is when I press Ctrl+C it does not stop the execution. Actually it allows me to type in the command prompt but the batch execution continues.

Is it possible to run it with low priority and stop on Ctrl+C?


The command START starts CMD and not the opposite.

Remove /B to be able to use Ctrl+C also /C instead of /K will close the CMD when the script end.

start "" /I  /BELOWNORMAL /WAIT cmd /c "mvn.bat"

Type HELP START and HELP CMD for further reading.

  • Thanks. It is possible to do so but not opening a new window? – ike3 Oct 15 '15 at 11:35

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