Here is what Chrome's context menu looks like right now for me:

enter image description here

Is it possible to move Inspect Element to the bottom of the menu? Or is it possible to remove the bottom two menu items? I never add stuff to Evernote from the browser, and I don't use iTunes' Spoken Track feature. I am aware of this post, but the solutions are specifically for Windows.

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    Considering there are chrome extensions to mess with the context menu, we just need someone to write an extension to edit the default behavior and or remove default items. – Insane Oct 14 '15 at 3:05

The "inspect element" menu item is a core feature of Chrome with no setting to alter it. Extensions may only add contextual menu items. All three of the items at the bottom of your context-menu can be toggled by through System Preferences in MacOS.

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services

Uncheck the Services you no longer want to be displayed.Look under "Searching" for "Search With Google' and "Text" for "Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track."

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