Windows Explorer refuses to rename folders.

Specifically, this occurs when creating a New Folder either via Ctrl-Shift-N or via RightClick-New-Folder and then trying to rename it. No error messages pop up but the folder remains named New Folder.

Also, when hitting RightClick-New-Folder again, the New Folder (2) does not appear until reloading the folder.

Creating folders with

mkdir theFolderNameWeWant

works, though.

A reboot did not do the trick.

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In Explorer: Organize > Folder and Search Options > View

enable: Always Show Icons Never Thumbnails and then disable it again.

This answer is similar to a suggested solution from howtogeek.com.

This answer seems related to explorer-does-not-auto-refresh question, but I am not allowed to comment/upvote neither do I know if the problem has the same cause.

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