I have a public-private key pair at ~/.ssh being used for SSH connection to GitHub.

In order to test if I've setup SSH with GitHub properly, I used ssh -T git@github.com, which works fine.

Also, If I execute the above command as superuser, it works fine.

ssh -T git@github.com

However, when I use sudo, the command isn't working. I suspect it's not able to access the key pair stored at ~/.ssh when run with sudo

The command below fails.

sudo ssh -T git@github.com

You can easily replicate the issue with any Ubuntu distribution and this GitHub help page.

Edit :

I understand that I can pass the private key to ssh as follows:

ssh -i <path-to-private-key> -T git@github.com

I'm just wondering why using sudo ssh -T git@github.com makes the private key inaccessible.


You can pass the path to your identity file with the -i option to ssh.

ssh user@host -i /path/to/keyfile
  • Yes, this works. I'm just wondering why using sudo makes the private key inaccessible. Oct 14 '15 at 17:53

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