There is a given PDF file, in which I would like to insert only one page break to a page. I have tried to use Nitro PDF to convert it to MS Word, insert page break and convert it back, but it makes a lot of mistakes during conversion. Also same problem with Foxit softwares. Is there any easier way/advanced editor to insert a page break to a PDF file?


The best option would be to use something like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PhantomPDF (disclosure: I work for Foxit) to create a new, blank page after your target page X, which I will call Page X+1. Then cut and paste the objects from the bottom half of page X to page X+1.

I don't know of any PDF software that has an option to directly split pages.


Sorry, you can't. PDF doesn't work that way - it isn't "flowing" text like MS Word, where you can insert a page break and it reflows the text. Think of PDF's as a picture of the text. It has a page, it has instructions on where on the page to put the blocks of text. Each page is an entity to itself, the pages have no idea that other pages exist.

The best you could do is to export the PDF as you have already, fix the results as best you can, then re-convert it back to a PDF.

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