I will come back to my computer after being away, and see that I can't use Lotus Notes until I input my password again. I can't cancel out of it, or click on any window behind the password prompt until I have input it. My Sametime Status is "Do Not Disturb" until I enter the password and then it returns to 'Available'. The status is real -- I have had comments from others who notice my status.

This problem went away last time I changed my password two weeks ago, or so. Then last night it started again.


Just go to File - Security - User Security. Enter your password and remove the checkmark for Automatically lock my Notes ID afterin the Logout Settings sections in Security Basics- Tab.

If you can't remove this setting, then there is a policy that sets this value and you have to ask your administrator to remove it.

To make sametime NOT reflect your status, open File - Preferences and Edit the settings found under Sametime - Auto-Status Changes

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