I am using zsh on my Linux boxe as well as my MAC. However, in both env, I have a "problem".

When I type " !! ", it does not work in zsh, but does in bash. More, it's really useful with "sudo !!". How can I make it work with zsh ?. Do I need to alias something in my .zshrc ?

  • This question does not really relate to sudo. For future reference perhaps it is a good idea to reword it to something like history expansion or repeat previous command. (and remove the sudo tag) – Bram Oct 22 '15 at 7:54

My zsh has !!

I have installed zsh right now and !! works as it works in bash.

Maybe you need to update it?

My version is 5.0.2-3ubuntu6

But if your zsh doesn't have it:

As answered here you need to add this to your .zshrc file:

alias ii='$(fc -ln -1)'


The BANG_HIST option is disabled for your zsh:

BANG_HIST (+K) <C> <Z>

Perform textual history expansion, csh-style, treating the character `!' specially.

This may happen through one of three methods:

  1. By setting it explicitly with set/setopt. Somewhere in your shell configuration there is a line like one of these:

     setopt NO_BANG_HIST
     setopt -o NoBangHist
     setopt +o banghist
     set -o nobanghist
     set +o BANG_hist

    Case does not matter and _ is ignored in the option name. BANG_HIST enables the feature and prepending NO (NO_BANG_HIST) disables the feature. -o sets the state of the feature as given by the name, +o inverts the meaning.

  2. By starting zsh with the -K command line option:

    zsh -K

    You also can explicitly set it with zsh +K but that can be overridden with setopt in the configuration.

  3. By starting zsh in emulation mode for either sh or ksh:

    ln -s /bin/zsh /usr/local/bin/ksh

    In that case the feature can also later be set with setopt, but not by command line option (/usr/local/bin/ksh +K does not work).


Ok. It seem that I had a old "set opt" options in my .zshrc causing the problem.

I find out by testing each and every item in my .zshrc. Lucky me, it was not the last options.

I will test later what specific option I need to change or remove.


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