Today I noticed a few files on my Ubuntu and Mac machines that seem to be missing in the Mercurial working directory on my Windows machine.

I'm using Mercurial to keep a folder synchronized between several machines.

Whenever anyone improves any of the files in that folder or adds more files into that folder, I want every one of these machines to be updated with the new and improved files.

I did a "push" and a "pull" and an "update" on every laptop to synchronize them with the server (and a "update" on the server), and I checked that the working directory was "clean". So I expected every sub-folder in the working directory to at least have the same number of files on every machine. But what I see is that the Mac and Ubuntu have a dozen files in one particular sub-folder in their working directory -- so apparently Mercurial successfully updated the new files when they were added to one of those machines and copied those new files to the other machine -- but the Windows machine has only 3 files in that sub-folder.

In the Window 7 file manager "Folder Options >> View", I have "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" enabled.

  • On the Ubuntu 14 server, I'm using TortoiseHg.
  • On the Ubuntu 14 laptop, I'm using TortoiseHg.
  • On the Mac OS X laptop, I'm using SourceTree.
  • On the Windows 7 laptop, I had an older version of TortoiseHg and recently upgraded TortoiseHg to version 3.5.2.
  • The repository itself was initially created in 2012 on a machine that was repurposed and its hard drives wiped a few years ago. (It was probably running Windows XP).

What should I do to write a good bug report about this "missing files" problem I'm seeing?

  • For new added files, you have to manually hg add files to the repo
  • For added|changed files you have hg commit before push
  • hgignore (in common case) is location-specific file, not stored (and not published) file, it's content may differ and thus different set files will be ignored on different hosts (hg add without parameters may produce different results): check hg status for repo with unique files

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