I have noticed this problem in 2 separate locations. In both cases they are computer monitors connected to a surge protector extension cord.

Every time the lights or fans are switched on or the fridge door is opened, the monitor goes blank for a few seconds.

Both extension cords with surge protection are of different brands. Monitors in both instances are of different brands.

I have a computer that is in another room and not connected through a surge protector that does not have this issue.

Does anyone has an idea why this happens and what can be done to remedy this?


It could be that mains power is simply weak, possibly under spec at your location(s). To measure the transients/brownout will take some (oscilloscope-level) equipment. Probably the only consumer-level fix is to run these monitors of a good UPS.

Also, have you tried running the monitors straigh from the wall, sans the extension cords? MOVs inside surge protectors fail after a while.

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