Currently my keyboard layout switches sometimes between Querty and Azerty Period. But I don't know which key combination initiates the switching.

I disabled all short keys as can be seen in the image below. It is still possible to switch via Windows key + Space, but that is not a combination I use by accident.

Are there some other key combinations? And if so, how to disable them?

I have a Windows 8.1.

enter image description here

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Are there some other key combinations?

There is Alt+Shift.

But according to your screenshot, it should be disabled: Schakelen tussen invoertalen = (Geen).

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The problem is caused by ArcSoft TotalMedia 3.5 (PVR program) and a digital TV USB tuner resetting the keyboard layout (when the program is not capable of getting a decent signal due to for instance a bad connection between the USB tuner and the antenna).

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