What I face for these few days are:

  1. The wireless devices for wifi from PC settings does not show up.
  2. When I press the fn & signal symbol at the keyboard, it always shows my airplane mode on and off. It's unable for wifi.
  3. From the right side screen, at the above, I can see clearly the wifi bar is full (connected with the broadband). But when I click to it, it is not responding.
  4. I swept the right side of the screen to check on the setting, It still the same. I can see clearly the wifi bar is filled, but when I click it, it's not responding.

Please help me how to solve it. It's hard for me as I'm a student who uses the computer and internet everyday.

  • Are you saying the Wifi on your laptop never works? Or sometimes doesn't work? Did it ever work? We only know what you tell us. Oct 19, 2015 at 6:48

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Try running the Network Troubleshooter. You can find instructions at Microsoft. If that fails, try restoring your PC to a date before you started having WiFi problems. If that fails try a refresh. Instructions for both of these can be found here:

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