I am trying to make a form consisting of multiple forms stacked side-by-side in Access, like the one pictured below but have run into many, many issues. I will settle for a report if I can't get a form to work.

The data has multiple workers, each worker can have multiple jobs. Each job has a number, a description, and a time (how old it is). Using a continuous form as a sub-form I can get the jobs of each worker listed.

Here are the problems I've encountered;

  1. the parent form can't be continuous (though this may not be an issue)
  2. I can't get the workers to list side-by-side
  3. the rectangles in the sub-form can't be different colours; I change one, it changes all to match

If this can't be done in something like form designer, does this look like something that I could achieve in VBA if I went at it? Is it too crazy that I contemplate it? I do code, but in Java and C++ mostly (and Matlab, but I don't see that helping). Also, I have little to no experience with Windows coding. I realise this last bit is a bit open-ended, but I don't want to get too far down a dead-end and Dr Google hasn't been that helpful (some related, but nothing really like my problem).

If it matters, Access 2010 is what I've got, but might be able to stretch to 2013.

Example form

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