I want to animate a bike going across the screen, but I also want the spokes to spin. I have treated it as three separate pieces of art: bike + 2 wheels - but I can't get the wheels to travel across the screen at the same rate as the bike.


You're doing it right, but probably you are in trouble at the animation part.

  • For the 2 wheels set first the swirl animation (emphasis animations group)
  • Then for the same 2 wheels go to "Add animation" button (this will add a second animation for the same object) and give it a motion path animation
  • Set a motion path animation for the bike's frame as well
  • Now go to "Animation Pane" and change the start option for all the animations to Start with previous


Here is a little preview of what I made (raw bike sketch :p - forgot to make the animation continuous, just refresh if you missed it)

enter image description here

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