It does not matter which website or which video player the website uses, whenever I open any webpage with a video the audio volume is always 100%. If i open a link with a video on yahoo or ESPN the audio volume is always 100%. I always wear headphones and it hurts my hearing if i forget to change the volume level before the video starts playing. Can I change this in the browser settings (Firefox or Chrome) and is this some sort of HTML standard or preset value?


Firefox ( NOTE: Works for HTML5 video)

1:Load about:config in the browser's address bar. 2:Confirm that you will be careful if this is the first time you open the configuration screen. 3:Search for the preference media.default_volume. 4:Double-click on the line and a prompt should appear. 5:It's default value is 1.0 which equates 100% volume. 6:Use it to change the value using the same system, e.g. 0.1 for 10%, or 0.6 for 60%.

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