I'd like to set up an OpenVPN connection, but it just doesn't want to work. .ovpn files seem to be treated in a very special and odd way by OS X:

  • When downloading .ovpn files, they're automatically renamed to .ovpn.txt
  • When extracting an archive with an .ovpn file in it, I get a permission denied error and I'll have to extract all other files explicitly and via Terminal
  • Double clicking on .ovpn files has no effect, even with Tunnelblick installed

It's a freshly installed OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 with Xcode and the Command Line Tools installed. The strange behaviour of .ovpn files was already present before I installed Tunnelblick.

Someone has an idea what this could be?


I think this may be related to System Integrity Protection (SIP) with El Capitan. On solution may be to disable SIP and see if it works properly. https://miteshshah.github.io/mac/how-to-solve-openvpn-problem-in-os-x-el-capitan/

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