I'm in the process of upgrading my computer. I've bought a new motherboard, RAM, CPU and hard disks.

The new CPU is an Intel i7-4790K. The new system has integrated graphics and my old system had a dedicated Nvidia GTS 450 graphics card.

Should I install the graphics card in the new system or will the integrated graphics be better since the graphics card is a few years old?

  • The iGPU that the 4790K is faster then your GTS 650. Your old GPU isn't worth even using. – Ramhound Oct 29 '15 at 10:54
  • It's actually a GTS 450, not a 650. Turns out the old card is slightly quicker, so worth installing for the moment. – GiddyUpHorsey Nov 8 '15 at 9:25

The old Nvidia GTS 450 card is slightly faster than the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600.

I ran three different benchmark suites (3DMark, Passmark PerformanceTest and Userbenchmark). Under all of them, the GTS 450 was consistently quicker.

I also tested video rendering using Cyberlink PowerDirector 14. Render times (average over three runs) on a 20 second video clip with color grading applied resulted in 4:40 for the 4600 and 4:35 for the GTS 450 - 5 seconds quicker.

3DMark comparison

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