I have file with line format as follows:

<something> <file_name> type:file <something> size:<filesize> <something>

I would like to sort numerically it by the field "filesize" identified by label "size:". The simple key number/offset passed usually to sort program doesn't work because there is no strict separator - multiple spaces can occur before "size:" label - for example in "file_name". Is there any way to sort from command line using preceding label as a field identifier?


If no colon in <something>'s, you could say:

sort -t : -Vk 3 file
  • Great, it works. I thought it'll try to parse 'filesize' field till the next colon but it smartly finished after last digit. Thanks – ardabro Oct 29 '15 at 23:16

it is hard to answer without a sample.

try something like (can be onlined, no need for \ if last char is | )

  awk '{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) 
     if ( substr($i,1,5) == "size:" ) { print substr($i,6) " " $0 ; next ; }}'  file |
    sort -n | awk '{$1="" ; print } '


  • first awk search for size field, and put it in front
  • sort with numeric argument
  • last awk remove numeric argument.

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