Recently Samsung has released the 950 Pro series SSDs.

If I understand well they are only available with M.2/PCIe connectors which are supported only by new motherboards.

Is it possible to use the 950 Pro with an older motherboard (specifically an MSI 770-G45) by plugging it:

1) on a PCIe port?

1.1) if yes is it transparent for the BIOS which will boot on it as usual?

2) on a SATA port using an adapter?

Indeed I expect to change my motherboard next year for one that would allow full usage of the 950 Pro.

If this is not possible I will simply fallback on a 850 Pro plugged with SATA.

EDIT: beyond the physical connectors I fear the main limitation may be the new NVMe protocol.

  • @Ramhound: Asking whether an NGFF SSD can be plugged into an ordinary PCIe slot using an adapter is perfectly reasonable. – Ben Voigt Oct 31 '15 at 20:15
  • @BenVoigt - Yes; I missed the adapter portion of the question. – Ramhound Oct 31 '15 at 20:18

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