Background: I have 4 persons (Let’s say PersonX1, PersonY2, PersonZ3 and PersonW4) in my Google Chrome. I can easily switch between persons in Chrome UI, no problem. The problem is that I have to start chrome, then switch to the person that I want to work with.

Question: Is there any way to create four (4) Shortcuts to chrome.exe and specify the person I need to work with in the command line? I searched and found lots of references to the “--profile-directory“ switch. However, I am not sure the relationship between a “Profile Directory” and a “Person” in chrome.

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Before doing these steps, you have to switch to the specific user which you want to have a shortcut of.

  1. Go to Chrome Settings.

  2. Scroll down to people

  3. Select the user which is named "(current)".

  4. Click edit.

  5. Click "Add desktop shortcut".

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