Is it possible to have Excel highlight search results, or specific text that you're looking for? I really appreciate these features as they are in Firefox and IntelliJ IDEA.

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I googled your demand and found out that you can use a macro to do this.

Sub FindHighlight()
Dim tempCell As Range, Found As Range, sTxt, FoundRange, Response As Integer
Set Found = Range("A1")
sTxt = InputBox(prompt:="Enter value for search", Title:="VoG's Finder")
If sTxt = "" Then Exit Sub
Set tempCell = Cells.Find(what:=sTxt, After:=Found)
If tempCell Is Nothing Then
MsgBox prompt:="Not found", Title:="VoG's Finder"
Exit Sub
Set Found = tempCell
Set FoundRange = Found
End If
Set tempCell = Cells.FindNext(After:=Found)
If Found.Row >= tempCell.Row And Found.Column >= tempCell.Column Then Exit Do
Set Found = tempCell
Set FoundRange = Application.Union(FoundRange, Found)
FoundRange.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
Response = MsgBox(prompt:="Clear highlighting", Title:="VoG's Finder", Buttons:=vbOKCancel + vbQuestion)
If Response = vbOK Then FoundRange.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
End Sub

When the macro runs it will highlight the found cells and give the option to clear the highlighting. If you want to temporarily keep the highlighting click Cancel. Then, to clear the formatting later on, run the same search and click OK.

Click here to view the source.


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