I'm trying to burn in subtitles from this format:

0:0 Video
0:1 English Audio
0:2 Japanese Audio
0:3 English subtitle (default)
0:4 English subtitle (translation only)

Both are subrip. What I usually use is this batch file

ffmpeg -i "foo.mkv" ^
-map 0:0 -map 0:2 ^
-c:a:2 copy ^
-vf subtitles="foo.mkv" ^

but it only works if there's one subtitle stream. When I run this on the dual subtitle videos it processes a new video but gives no subtitles.

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Use the stream_index / si option to choose the desired subtitles stream. To render the second subtitles stream from foo.mkv:


See the subtitles filter documentation for more info.

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