Is it possible to start a text selection, jump to another page without moving the caret, and then end the selection range with shift-click?

If I use the navigation pane, or the "Go to" command, the caret moves, and my contiguous text selection is cancelled.

Dragging the vertical scroll-bar, or using the scroll wheel will move the view-port without moving the caret, but these methods are slower and more tedious.

I tried another way with Ctrl + F Find:

  • I copied some text from the end of my text range.
  • In the navigation pane, I heading-jumped to the beginning of my text selection.
  • Then, I used Ctrl + F Find with the copied text to try to go back to the text selection end.
  • This doesn’t work in Word, as the caret still moves.

On the other hand, Find and replace Ctrl + H does not break the text selection in Google Docs.



Unfortunately, I don't believe there is a method to do this in Word.

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    Saying something isn't possible can be the right answer, but that, alone, leaves the reader with a question of whether you're correct or just aren't familiar with a solution. This kind of answer is always better if you can cite a source. – fixer1234 Jan 28 '16 at 19:38

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