My Firefox browser has become infected with the istartsurf hijacker, which means that an istartsurf tab is added to my browser's tabs each time I start Firefox. How do I get rid of it?

What I already did/tried

  • Remove istartsurf with Revo Uninstaller
  • Remove all instances of istartsurf files on my system disk
  • Remove all references to istartsurf in the registry
  • Restored startup options in Firefox
  • Remove all references to istartsurf in Firefox settings ("about.config")

Doesn't seem to be sufficient, though; the tab still gets added. What else needs to be done?

PS: On this site they suggest resetting Firefox to its default state, but I'd like to avoid that.


Seems I forgot one thing: the shortcut for Firefox was edited as well. Trim it to just the path+filename and you're all set.

enter image description here

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