Note: This question is similar to 92383, but a) it doesn't have to be free and b) the accepted answer doesn't compare.

I got a USB-Midi Keyboard and I'm looking for a Software Sequencer. Nothing fancy, something like GarageBand, but for Windows. So it should emulate instruments, allow to add wav-files/loops, record vocals. If it supports VSTi, that would be a huge plus.

Prime Contender seems to be Magix Music Maker, but is the this only one? I'm looking something in the beginner/"prosumer" area, but I would hope that VSTi allows me to add instruments and effects later if I outgrow it.


In addition to searching superuser, checkout kvraudio.com. It is a great computer audio resource and has a database of searchable hosts. This link shows all windows hosts that support VSTs:



Cakewalk Music Creator 5 is $35 or so. I haven't used it, but I've heard good things about Cakewalk software.

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