We can enable/disable decklink-LastFrameShown option by BlackmagicDesktopVideoUtility.exe ,But I need to change that programmatically.

I did not see anything about it in decklink SDK.

Please tell me where are saved BlackMagic-Decklink video card settings? (maybe in a file or registry but I can't find it)

OS = Windows 8.1 ,BlackmagicDesktopVideoUtility version=10.5

Thanks. (Sorry for my English)


I found that Decklink-LastFrameShownvideo (and other video card settings) saved in registry : HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\DeckLink\Settings\1D482621\IdleVideoOutputOperation Value= Black/LastFrame

But when I change it manually not affect.

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I got the answer from Nicholas Gill (in Blackmagic forum) :

Hi Mitra,

It is possible to set the 'last-frame-shown' (Idle Output) setting from the DeckLink API.

First query the BMDDeckLinkSupportsIdleOutput attribute 1 via the IDeckLinkAttributes interface [2] to determine if the device supports idle output.

If supported, set the bmdDeckLinkConfigVideoOutputIdleOperation [3] configuration item via IDeckLinkConfiguration [4] to the desired idle setting - BMDIdleVideoOutputOperation [5].

Please note the comment in [4], WriteConfigurationToPreferences must be called if the application wants to save the configuration changes, otherwise any changes made will be reverted when the IDeckLinkConfiguration object is released.



1 2.7.17 DeckLink Attribute ID [2] 2.5.17 IDeckLinkAttributes Interface [3] 2.7.18 DeckLink Configuration ID [4] 2.5.15 IDeckLinkConfiguration Interface [5] 2.7.41 Idle Video Output Operation BMDIdleVideoOutputOperation enumerates the possible output modes when idle. bmdIdleVideoOutputBlack When not playing video, the device will output black frames. bmdIdleVideoOutputLastFrame When not playing video, the device will output the last frame played.

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