I have a disk with multiple partitions:

  • Windows 7 (one partition )
  • Debian 8.2 (3 partitions : root / + /home + swap)

I'm using Grub 2 for dual booting. I want to know the best way to encrypt all of the data on my disk. Is it possible to encrypt everything with one procedure, or should I encrypt each OS separately.

If I need to encrypt each OS, the procedure should be different on each OS, right? In this case what are the best encryption programs?

I can reinstall and re-partition everything if it'll help the process.

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You will need to encrypt separately for each system

On Windows: Bitlocker is built-in and easiest to use. An alternative is Veracrypt.

On Linux: The traditional approach is to use dm-crypt.

It is technically possible to have a separate, encrypted partition used by both systems (when dual booting) if it is encrypted by portable technologies. The now-defunct Truecrypt could do that, Veracrypt should be able too (as it is a fork) but I have not tested that.

  • Thanks, can I have more information about how to use Veracrypt as a 'portable technologie' ? – enzo Nov 9 '15 at 15:51

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