Where I can find autostart ConEmu option? I have searched everywhere (google it too) and can't find it.

  • Is it related to stackoverflow.com/a/13374719/3363219 – pun Nov 11 '15 at 14:00
  • The above link is for how to get ConEmu to run a bat file when it starts up or opens a new tab. The below answer is the way to get windows to launch ConEmu when it starts up. – James Apr 4 '19 at 23:08

Looks like there is no built-in option for ConEmu autostart. But there is an easy workaround - add it to autostart manually:

  1. Win+R -> open Run menu
  2. Type shell:startup, press Enter
  3. Create shortcut to ConEmu in opened folder

Piggybacking off The Godfather's solution which is correct, I would also add a -min to the end of the shortcut path you make or else ConEmu pops up randomly on startup interrupting you.

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