I've got a streaming device, where I've set the port for the webserver to let's say 3030 and I configured the router as follows:

service name: some service 
Port range: 3030 
IP Address:
Local Port: 3030
Protocol: Both 

Yet I'm not able to remote Access the web server, using the public address, for the given device. I know I'm probably missing something simple, but any help would be most appreciated.


You will need to provide more details so people can better help you.

  • What is your network topology (modem, router, machine connections)?
  • Did you configure firewalls (router, machines, etc) to allow the necessary ports access in & out?
  • Did you test an internal (LAN) forwarding to access server before trying external?
  • What are the errors receiving & what fixes have you tried?
  • Are there other specific network info /configuration regarding the server / router that might be helpful to better diagnose the problem you need to share?

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