I have 2 partitions on my 120 GB SSD (one for system, one for multimedia data which rarely changes). I am using Bitlocker encryption for both partition. After I have replaced the SSD with larger one, I wanted to enlarge both partitions, however could not find a way how to do it. Particulary I needed to extend the C drive as it was almost full and prevented further Windows updates installations.

First I cloned the entire disk with HDClone - unfortunately it treats bitlocker paritions as raw data, so can't manipulate them, only copy them block-by-block. So I have ended with my new SSD having two small partitions and after them half of SSD as unassigned space.

I tried various free partitioning tools, but could not find any which would be able to move the D drive. For all the bitlocker partition was raw data. The Windows itself is able to resize bitlocker partitions, but is not able to move them.


Couse of problem is Bit locker, in Start menu, search for Device encription, turn it off, it would take a long time. After that, you can move data partition as usual.

  • Of course I know the "issue" is Bitlocker. But my question was about how to move "D" partition to free space for extending C partition, not how to turn off bitlocker, which would take too much time... – Marki555 Nov 3 '19 at 21:56

Finally I was able to find AOMEI Partition Assistant, which is able to "copy" bitlocker partition even into the same drive. For D drive this is an online operation and it can "move" the partition to get some free space after the C drive. However it can't resize bitlocker partitions.

Using this I was able to make a free space between C and D drives. Then I used built-in Windows Disk Management component of Computer Management to extend both partitions (Extend Volume options after right-clicking on partition).

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