I have written shell script to substract two float values For eg. below are the two values :


val1=$(printf "%f", "$debit_amount")
val2=$(printf "%f", "$credit_amount")

echo " val1 = " $val1
echo " val2 = " $val2

final=`echo "$val1-$val2" |bc`

Output :

 val1 =  78531178.060004,
 val2 =  3223649.620000,
(standard_in) 1: syntax error

I got the above error. I tried below commands as well

final=$(echo "$val1 - $val2"|bc)
echo "$(($val1-$val2))"
echo `expr $val1 - $val2`

However I am still getting syntax error. Am I missing anything?


Remove the commas in the printf calls:

val1=$(printf "%f" "$debit_amount")
val2=$(printf "%f" "$credit_amount")

It's not necessary to delimit the arguments by comma. That's why the input for bc looked like this:


which bc cannot interpret.

BTW: You should not use the backticks (`) anymore:

final="$(echo "$val1 - $val2" | bc)"
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