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How to switch off English International Keyboard in Windows 10 [duplicate]

I have Win10 Home on my laptop in English (United States). Personally I need only two keyboard layouts: English (US) and Russian. But for some reason there appears a third one: English (INTL), which ...
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Windows 10, remove unwanted keyboard language not in preferences [duplicate]

I have French (Belgium) active as a keyboard language: But's not in the Language preferences, so I'm not able to remove it: The annoying thing is that my default language is qwerty (as is my ...
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How do I get rid of extra keyboard layouts in Windows 10? [duplicate]

As shown here, I only have 2 languages selected, with one keyboard each: But in my keyboard menu, I have 4: How can I get rid of English (US) and French (Legacy) Canadian?
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Windows 10 showing keyboard input methods not listed in my preferences [duplicate]

As the title says, I have only chosen these input methods for my keyboard: However, it also lists two additional input types I haven't chosen: and it really messes with my Alt+Shift quick switching ...
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Really fix Win10 to prevent automatically adding keyboard layout [duplicate]

Yes, I see that How to prevent Windows 10 from automatically adding keyboard layouts (i.e. US keyboard), it is not the fix but just a workaround. That question has been closed for answer so I've to ...
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How do I remove automatically added keyboard layouts?

I have a Spanish keyboard on my notebook, but I use it mostly for English and Chinese writing. This is how I configured the languages: However, Windows added some layouts on its own (probably when ...
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United Kingdom keyboard (language) is added automatically

I've set keyboard languages: ENGLISH-US (not United Kingdom!) and ქარ (my local language). Sometimes, I see that "ENGLISH (UNITED KINGDOM) [now "United States-International"] keyboard ...
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How to get rid of US language in Windows 11

I am sure I had same issue with Windows 10 and solved it. Now I can't solve it with Windows 11. I have English (United Kingdom) language which is also locale language. I don't have English (United ...
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Windows 10 April 2018 Update added an extra Language and I cannot remove it

I have just updated to Windows 10 April 2018 Update (1803 / 17134.1) I had my laptop configured completely as UK with only a UK keyboard layout Since the update, a US keyboard has been added so I ...
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Remove languages from language bar not listed in settings (Windows 10)

In my Windows 10 installation, the little language switcher in the task bar is cluttered with keyboard layouts / locale settings I never use: So I go to language settings to try and remove them -- ...
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Can't remove Windows 10 Keyboard Language [duplicate]

I can't remove a keyboard language and sometimes it changes with no reason, but I can't find any place where it's shown to be removed.
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How to delete standard Persian keyboard layout on windows 10?

There are two layouts installed for Persian on my laptop. I want to uninstall the standard (FAS) layout. But there's only one layout shown in Region & Language I've also tried to delete ...
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Windows 10 Keyboard layouts with multiple users

I have multiple users on my PC - using a variety of keyboard layouts. But modifications to layouts for one user affect the layouts of other users. So for example if user 1 adds a second layout, it ...
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How to force Windows 10 to use English with a non English keyboard?

This is how my language settings are currently configured: As you can see, the default language should be English and I set the keyboard layout in Options to be Swiss-French. That's the only keyboard ...
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How do I remove keyboards in Windows 10?

When I hit Windows + Spacebar on Windows 10, following menu appears: I want to only keep two of them (Marathi and English (India)) so that I can quickly swap between them with Windows + Space ...
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