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Block specific websites in windows 7 [duplicate]

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Blocking Facebook in a system [duplicate]

Is there any possibility to block facebook on a user system without configuring through the server ? is there any coding to be added in somewhere or can we block through a browser ?
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Windows 8: Block Internet except for all but two programs [duplicate]

Question marked as duplicate, as is nearly every other question about blacklisting and whitelisting. Some of these questions are different because: 1) XP has a different firewall than Vista/Win7/Win8 ...
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Windows 10 Firewall: block all - allow windows update

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How do I stop Outlook from Contacting://

I am using Microsoft Outlook 2013 on my desktop to access my Gmail account. Every time (and I mean every time) I click on an email in Outlook, I get a small window saying, "Microsoft Outlook ...
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block websites on windows while maintaining access to admin and super-admin rights

The motivation is to block myself from accessing certain distracting websites while still being able to add/remove programs, change settings etc. Can the built-in parental controls deliver this ...
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Avast keeps showing this virus error

I don't remember entering any "funny" website and this virus warning seems to pop-up at random once every day, anyone know what it is? How can I fix it? Object: | [...
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Get notified when a specific IP address or website is accessed (windows 10)

My internet provider keeps sending me abuse notifications forwarded from Sony that says something like: Pursuant to Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (SNEI) corporate policy, the below ...
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Block Facebook using Windows Firewall not work

I'm trying to block Facebook following this guide but it didn't work. Did you try this way and did it work? Blocking web sites with Windows Firewall Windows Firewall:
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How to block a specific website in windows?

I'm looking for a method to block a domain from my computer. I've find out that in windows I should put that domain in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. something like this: www....
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