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Symbolic link types [duplicate]

What are the differences between different types of symbolic link in Windows? The Microsoft website tells me; /d Creates a directory symbolic link. By default, mklink creates a file symbolic link. /...
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How can I delete a symbolic link in Windows?

I created a symlink using mklink. Now I need to change it but I can't figure out how to delete it so I can recreate it correctly.
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Is it safe to delete from C:\Windows\Installer?

I've been looking on an XP machine what is using all that diskspace, and it turns out C:\Windows\Installer is high up there on the list of directories that use the most diskspace. It seems to contain ...
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What is the difference between NTFS hard links and directory junctions?

The title says it all... what's the difference? When do I use one and when do I use the other? Added: Note that Junction points, Hard links and Symbolic (soft) links are three separate things on NTFS....
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What is the difference between Symbolic Link and Shortcut?

What is the difference between a Symbolic Link and a Shortcut?
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What are the various link types in Windows? How do I create them?

Is it possible to link two files or folders without having a different extension under Windows? I'm looking for functionality equivalent to the soft and hard links in Unix.
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How to synchronize directories outside the Google Drive directory

I installed Google Drive and want to use it in order to backup some data scattered across my HDD. I cannot get it to use these different directories because I can set only one folder in Google apps. ...
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Access is denied on mklink

I am trying to get a symlink working over a network drive. I have already tried suggestions on questions already asked, such as running as administrator and checking if the directory already exists. ...
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Following a remote symbolic link via Windows Shares

In Windows 7 X64 I have a directory C:\shares\ Which contains 2 shared folders, each of these contains a couple of hundred symlinks, mapping the contents of 4 folders spread across 4 drives. So C:\...
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How do I figure out if a link is a symbolic link, a hard link, or a directory junction in Windows?

If I've created a directory link via mklink, how can I figure out if it was a symbolic link, a directory junction, or a hard link (ie whether I used /d, /j, or /h)?
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Shortcut with property type=file folder

Anyone can advise how can i get a "file folder" type shortcut on win2008? In the shortcut properties, on general tab, the type is "file folder" instead of normal shortcut type. I tried to drag ...
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Getting "Access is denied" when moving a folder to a symlink which is pointing to another drive

I have a drive named D and a drive named E. I created a folder named "test" in drive D and a folder named "destination" in drive E using the mkdir command. Then in D I created a ...
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Should I create a junction and symlink to a directory at the same time?

OS: Windows 10 Home. After reading the difference between a directory junction and a symlink, it is clear, that these two things are different. What is not clear after reading How do I create ...
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How can I add space from my D drive to my C drive with different disks?

I'm running Windows 11 and my D drive has 1.8 TB of free space and my C drive only has about 30 GB left. I tried making unallocated space in my D drive but I couldn't allocate it to the C drive ...
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Wildcard in directory junctions (or symbolic links)?

Directory Junctions allow a folder to be redirected to another location. so you could create a directory junction as: C:\Users\Ian\Downloads\Torrents and have it resolve to: S:\Torrents This would ...
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