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Why is the laptop charger thing (transformer) making a noise? [duplicate]

The laptop power cable consists of two cables with a transformer in the middle. The transformer is making a tiny noise while plugged in. I think it's normal... is it normal? What is it exactly?
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Power supply makes high frequency noise, is it damaging my battery? (or other parts of the computer) [duplicate]

I bought a new Lenovo laptop, but sometimes used the power supply for my old Lenovo laptop. I just found out that the old power supply was the source of a very irritating high frequency sound (sample ...
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Motherboard makes high-pitched chirping noise; will it stop by itself, or what do I need to do to fix it? [duplicate]

I know computers, I have been fixing them and building them for over a decade... but I don't know the exact electronics of them. My personal desktop PC is making an irregular, but constant, extremely ...
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Squealing coming from laptop power supply? [duplicate]

I have an HP Pavilion dv7-6135dx. This morning, the power supply/AC adapter started making squealing noises for a few seconds at a time. I had it plugged in during a storm that happened while I was ...
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My power supply whines, is there anything I can do about it? [duplicate]

My computer is less than 6 months old and ever since I got it the power supply sometimes makes a whining noise. Even when the computer is off. It's a 600W ATX Corrsair. Is there anything I can do ...
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Power Brick humming [duplicate]

When a power brick is humming is that a bad thing? What does it mean. Does having it plugged into the wall directly or in a UPS or in a daisy chain of power strips make a difference
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My computer makes a odd buzzing noise when chrome is open

I whenever I open google chrome or firefox on my pc I get a really annoying buzzing noise. I've been trying to pinpoint the noise - I removed all hard drives and swapped them all for new ones. Doesn'...
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High-pitched noise from Logitech Performance MX

I have two Logitech Performance Mouse MX devices - I loved using it at home so much, that I bought one for work! While they generally excel in comfort and usability, they're both a bit annoying in ...
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How to judge if a laptop charger noise is a safe "hum" or a dangerous "crackle"?

I've read existing questions and answers on noises coming from laptop chargers (e.g. and and have learnt that there are two ...
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PSU Noise when turned off

When my PC is turned off and I bring my head very close to the PSU, I hear a high frequency noise. Is that normal? I can't hear when I am like 2 metres away from it. And it's only there when turned ...
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Beeping laptop charger cause?

I have a dell power adapter for my dell laptop (although it's not the original, it was ordered online, it has dell engraved on the charger). Anyway, it stopped charging the laptop, no green light, and ...
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Laptop charger: Coil whine under low load but not under no load

I have a Lenovo laptop charger dating from 2013. It produces coil whine (not very loud, cannot be heard from a sitting position) when the laptop is powered off or in stand by but not when it is ...
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