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File created by macOS that stores attributes about a folder, such as icon location and background image.

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Service to execute series of commands on selected folders to eliminate issues with .DS_Store files in Finder

I'm trying to perform a complex operation on a selected directory and all subdirectories (recursively) in Finder using a Service I can assign to a keyboard shortcut. First off, when simply issuing ...
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Find folders that contain only one specific file (.DS_Store) and no others?

Is there some way to use the find command in macOS terminal to find all folders recursively within a given path that are virtually empty, or empty aside from a single .DS_Store file? I've tried the ...
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Set date modified of all .DS_Store files in a folder and all its subfolders via terminal?

I'm on macOS Sierra. I'd really love to know how to use terminal to set the date modified of all .DS_Store files in a specific hierarchy to a given date. So far, I know that I can do this: sudo touch -...
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How to recursively delete all .DS_STORE files from a directory on a Windows Machine?

I extracted a .zip file compressed on a Mac and discovered that the compression included all the .DS_STORE meta-directory files (I think used to speed up spotlight search, but besides the point?). Is ...
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Ignoring .DS_store preferences clientside

At work our largely shared fileserver is filled with .DS_store preferences from various users. We clean these files now and then, but still it happens constantly that I run into a folder where someone ...
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How to prevent USB from .fseventsd, .Trashes, .Spotlight-V100 folders and .DS_Store files?

If you give somebody your USB drive to put files on it, it is so annoying to clean up afterwards, all these useless for other than OSX platforms artifacts, which pollute the disk. Is it any solution ...
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What is .DS_Store file in windows

I found a file with .DS_Store extension in one of my drives. How did it get there? My Operating System is Windows 7 64-bit and to the best of my knowledge I never accessed an Apple computer nor was ...
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FTP or SCP file transfers without .DS_Store files

I'm searching for a way to not transfer .DS_Store files when launching FTP or SCP transfers for a directory. Is it possible to block .DS_Store files from being transferred along with the other files ...
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Any programs for getting rid of .DS_Store files? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to prevent Mac OS X creating .DS_Store files on non Mac (HFS) Volumes? I dual boot between Mac and Windows. When I browse my Windows partition with Finder, it drops little ...
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Finder/Quick Look Malfunction after 10.8 OS upgrade

I upgraded to 10.8 and cannot shake this issue at all. I process image files daily as part of my work. For some reason only since my upgrade to 10.8, at some point Finder cannot preview any image ...
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Copying files from Lion to Mountain Lion GM causes ".DS_Store already exists" error

I'm fighting with .DS_Store files when copying folders across my network using Finder, from an OS X Lion machine to OS X Mountain Lion, both on late-2009 27" iMacs. When I drag a folder from Lion to ...
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How to remove DS_Store forever for good (not hide them but remove them)?

How do I remove and prevent from ever being created the DS_Store files on Mac OSX? I found this article,, that describes preventing them from ...
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Is there any way to prevent a Mac from creating dot underscore files?

At work we're letting one of our very tech savvy clients actually help out a little with a few development projects specific to him. However, he uses his own personal Macbook, and as he edits files on ...
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How do I fix the broken Windows 7 Search feature?

I'm trying to search my Windows Home Server for .DS_Store files that my Mac littered the server with. Windows 7 reports there are no *.DS_Store files in a folder, even though I can see it with the ...
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How to disable creating .Spotlight-V100 and .Trash folders on external drive?

Everytime I put a USB Flash Driver the Mac OS X creates 2 folders .Trash and .Spotlight-V100. Is it possible to disable this operation?
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Show hidden files on OS X except .DS_Store

I want to see all hidden files on my Mac except .DS_Store. Is there a way to do that?
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