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120hz is a common refresh mode for some monitors

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What impact do higher refresh-rate screens have on the laptop itself?

I understand that through a higher refresh rate, you can 'feel' the higher FPS and mouse movement in games and interactive applications. However, aside from human detection, what impact do higher ...
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Enabling HDR on Windows 11 & full backlight makes the desktop dark, not dull

I have Windows 11 HTPC, GTX 1080 connected to LG TV at 4k 120Hz. Everything works well except even with full backlight my TV goes dark with HDR enabled. I mean dark with bright colors, not dull. My TV ...
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Screen brightness is not responding to brightness control

I have recently replaced my 60Hz laptop screen with a 120Hz one And now screen brightness is not responding to brightness control (e.g. When i set the brightness value to 0%, the actual brightness ...
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Are there any monitors with little to no ghosting?

For example like on below image. Are there any monitors that have zero ghosting, or at least like 1 or 2 mouse trails like in the image I linked? I've never owned a 1 ms monitor, the lowest I've owned ...
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120fps video playback issues

Unable to playback the 120FPS video downloaded from For VLC it moves at 20fps and is all pixelated (with lots of artefacts) and broken In ...
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1440p monitor at 120hz with only 1 DVI input port. Possible to output with HDMI through HDMI splitter and then convert to DVI?

I have a 27 inch 2560x1440 Xstar (Korean) monitor, overclocked to 120hz, and it has one dual DVI-D input. I would like to connect that monitor to my PC, Chromecast and Xbox by using a HDMI splitter ...
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How can I tell if my graphics card will take advantage of a 120Hz monitor?

My specific hardware setup is that I have a GeForce GTX 580M in my laptop, and I'm considering buying an Iiyama Prolite G2773HS monitor. However, I would hope that answers to this question would be ...
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Why the signal disappears when setting refresh rate to 120Hz?

Configuration: Monitor - Samsung RZ2233 GPU - nVidia GeForce 9800GTX nVidia GeForce 3D Vision glasses OS: Win7 x64 new drivers installed today The monitor itself is working fine at 1600×1050@60Hz. ...
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