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A benchmark suite for 3D graphics card performance.

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3D Mark score over 15% lower when run on 4k display (Razer Blade 14, 8 Core AMD, RTX 3080)

When run Time Spy the laptop display, even if 2 external 4k monitors are enabled (with nothing happening on them) I still get a 3D Mark score of around 9500. If I disable the internal monitor and ...
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Inconsistent 3DMark CPU Score

I completed a new Ryzen based PC build, and have been trying to optimize it by doing some minor overclocking. While doing so, I've noticed that I'm getting inconsistent 3dMark CPU results that are ...
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Very sporadic videocard benchmark results on new laptop. Cause?

I just got a new Thinkpad P53 with a Quadro RTX 3000 graphics card (roughly equivalent to the GeForce RTX 2060 consumer card), and am getting sporadic benchmark results for the graphics card. 3D Mark "...
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What is performance-limiting overhead for CPU in context of Graphics APIs?

I was DMark API Overhead feature test for upcoming Directx12, Mantle API and Directx11 by Futuremark. I want to know what is Performace-limiting overhead for CPU? Test description says ' Games make ...
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Enabling DMA in pc with windows 7

I was checking my PC settings using AIDA64 (supposed to be the successor for Everest - it basically shows you detailed hardware you currently have). For my ATA hard disk it shows the setting for DMA ...
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Benchmarks/demos which will show capabilities of decent graphics card?

I'm going to replace old integrated graphics with GeForce 9800 GT. Are there any nice looking demos or benchmarks which will show capabilities and potential of decent graphics card? Of course there is ...
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