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Cannot install arch linux on acer predator Helios neo 16

I'm trying to install arch linux on acer predator Helios neo 16 but the issue is that when i boot into the arch live environment for further installation it gets stuck in mounting process while ...
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How to enter factory mode on Insyde bios (acer)

I was disassembling an Acer Helios 300 317-52 and noticed after it sat for a long time with the CMOS, battery, and a module labeled "vendor" being unplugged from the motherboard, it would ...
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Failed to install Fedora 39 on Acer Aspire 5

I have two notebooks here at home, one of mine (Acer Aspire 5 a515-45-r8w2) and one of my girlfriend (Acer Aspire 3). I'm trying to install Fedora Workstation 39 on the Acer Aspire 5, by booting an ...
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How can the on-screen indicator for capslock, numlock, etc be removed for an Acer Swift Edge 16?

I want to suppress the on-screen indicator that pops up every time I push the capslock key (as well as a few other keys) for an Acer Swift Edge 16. It's annoying in games. In the past, I was able to ...
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Forced enterprise enrollment [duplicate]

Recently picked up an Acer Chromebook 14. Have tried to unsuccessfully wipe it using the esc arrow power trick, but it always instantly re-enrolls me into enterprise enrollment. Dev mode is blocked by ...
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How to check if my laptop screen is broken or it's the internal cable?

I have an acer nitro 5 laptop and the built in screen is not working properly. The majority of the screen is black, only the top part is showing images. If I use it on my Ubuntu instead of Windows and ...
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Install Windows 11,10 UEFI Setting

I have been trying to install windows 11/10 in my Laptop Acer nitro 5, Previously it had windows installed but wipe out and install ubuntu on it and now I want to install windows 10/11 againts it ...
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Why my swift 3,acer is not booting? [closed]

Swift 3, 512SSD and 8 Gb RAM is not booting, first I was in sleeping mode so I boot the laptop it seem it has some problems mouse is not working so I restart it and then after it is not responding, it ...
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New SSD not recognised by new laptop

I have just bought a new laptop (an Acer Swift 314-512-56QM) with the intention of upgrading the SSD with one the I already own (an Adata XPG SX8200 Pro - 2TB). However the replacement drive is not ...
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Acer Predator Helios 300 won't charge and shuts down when unplugged I tried every method in the internet but doesn't work

My predator Helios 300 (i7-10 RTX 3060) works only when plugged into the power, though the charge is 98%, which should be ample to run it on battery. I tried every solution in the internet but it ...
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Laptop turns on automatically after shutdown

I have a Acer Swift SF314 laptop running Windows 10. For the last few months my laptop has been turning itself on immediately after I shut it down. That is, once I click shutdown from windows and the ...
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I think I damaged the USB ports on my Laptop

My Laptop model is an Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-572. I tried using my USB HUB with a Power Supply, but I didn't notice the power supply was 12V. After connecting the USB HUB, my Laptop shut down. It ...
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My Acer V206HQL's display is half cut off from the top & same is reflecting in the bottom

My Acer display is half cut off from the top, the same is visible at the bottom of the display divided by a white line, also there is a fringing issue, I can guarantee you this is hardware related not ...
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Is Acer BlueLightShield (non Pro version) merely an application?

I was looking at two entry level 75 Hz monitors from LG and Acer. Both have same basic functions. The main difference I could see is LG (and other brands too) don't have anything specific like the ...
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How can I switch the bandwidth of my PCIE 3?

I've been tinkering around looking for ways to downgrade the PCIE 3 bandwidth allocated for my Nvidia GPU from x4 to x2. My reason is I like to allocate x4 to my NVME SSD. I tried looking at BIOS, but ...
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Removing enterprise enrollment from chromebook [duplicate]

I recently moved and my school said I would keep my Chromebook. The only problem is that they left the enterprise enrollment on. They told me to remove it, but I didn't manage. I have an Acer cb5 312t....
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Screen brightness is not responding to brightness control

I have recently replaced my 60Hz laptop screen with a 120Hz one And now screen brightness is not responding to brightness control (e.g. When i set the brightness value to 0%, the actual brightness ...
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Auto Start Laptop

I recently found out that one of my friend's laptop boots on its own when he opens the lid(Dell G3). I tried to make my laptop do the same but didn't find any way to do this. I came up across several ...
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How to disable LED on Acer ED270UP Monitor

How can I disable the blue LED on the bottom of my Acer ED270UP Monitor? I’ve checked the settings but can’t seem to find any option. I also want to avoid using tape. Thanks.
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