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Can Microsoft Edge send browsing history to Microsoft for targeted advertising?

In Google Chrome, if you synchronize your browsing history between multiple devices, then Google can use your browsing history for advertising purposes. Unless you disable this in your Google Account ...
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How to permanently disable Outlook's annoying ad bar?

I'm using the Outlook mail client which comes with my Microsoft 365 subscription, and I keep getting these annoying promotional messages from Microsoft: Microsoft Support tells me this can't be ...
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How can I block the search box animation on the Wirecutter website with uBlock Origin?

Wirecutter recommends the uBlock Origin ad blocker. As I understand, in addition to advertisements, ad blockers can also be used to block annoyances. At the top of each guide on Wirecutter, I see a ...
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Disable ad blocking in Microsoft Edge

It seems that Microsoft Edge has some kind of internal ad blocker, enabled by default. I am not using any kind of such plugins or solutions and yet on many sites (not on all of them) I see messages ...
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Google Ads are not displayed when using VPN

I launched VPN for personal usage with Wireguard. But for a reason I cannot see Google Ads and some other scripts are blocked because of CSP violation. Everything works fine if I'm using Psiphon or ...
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How do I embed a link to a YouTube video in PowerPoint without ads?

I embed youtube links in Powerpoint without a problem. Google and bing have lots of information teaching the embedding. However, when I present the pptx in a slide show to my audience, I do not want ...
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How to block ads of the youtube player for safari?

I tried many extensions for safari, and also tried blocking via hosts file on mac, but the ads within the youtube videos are still not blocked. Do these ads not come from
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Foxit Reader - How to get rid of the feature advertisement box, which interferes with scrolling?

Just above the scroll bar, there is a rectangular area that I am constantly accidentally hitting, which expands when you place your mouse over it, blocking you from being able to press the top arrow ...
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Windows 10: how to disable "Roblox" and other ads from start menu when the various anti-ad settings are already operative? [duplicate]

Today (August 2020) I opened the Start Menu in Windows 10 and typed the beginning of a program name, in order to launch the program. After a couple keystrokes a "Roblox" ad suddenly appeared ...
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How to get out of the DBAN's end-screen advertisement?

DBAN version 2.3.0 (downloaded from Sourceforge) displays a businesses-card-like advert for the company which acquired this software in 2012 -- when DBAN has finished a disk wipe, the program gives no ...
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How to remove Microsoft software promotions from Windows Search results

Since a few weeks, every time I search for my default internet browser (Google Chrome) I also get the suggestion to download the new Microsoft Edge browser, which annoys me (Ssee the screenshot. ...
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Windows 10: Disabling in-app app installation

I have setup a non-admin account for my kids in Windows 10 and installed a game from Microsoft Store (To make it specific: Dragon Mania Legends, it is an online game and needs network connection). The ...
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Why does Firefox refuse to navigate to this domain?

I noticed some advertisments slipping through my ad blocker. I decided that I might be better off navigating to the domain of the ad provider, going to page settings and ban all permissions, including ...
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Why is not adblocking built into Firefox? [closed]

Why is not very aggressive adblocking built directly into Firefox? What kind of user really wants ads? For the life of me I can't figure out why this isn't a killer feature that would separate ...
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how to block YouTube annotation ads only

I'm figuring out a way to allow youtube to play its video ads, and videos ads only. So I'm trying to disable all annotation or other ads that block some parts of the video and requires me to click it ...
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Remove ads in Viber for PC [closed]

How do I disable ads in Viber for PC - version 11.4 (2019). The hosts file trick no longer works (the following one): ...
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Hide that pesky Try Edge banner on every Microsoft website

This is what greets me on every single page from Microsoft websites that I load: And it's not just there – it slowly animates into the view, moving all content row by row a bit to the bottom. I have ...
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How can I disable Microsoft ads?

My Windows 10 Home Edition computer frequently pops up various ads for Microsoft services. For example, just now it popped up a dialog that said "Make logging in even easier! Install Microsoft ...
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How to disable ads in uTorrent for MacOS

How to disable ads in uTorrent for Mac OS? screenshot: uTorrent mac with ads That's not a duplicate of How do I remove the ADs in uTorrent? because this question is about MacOS version, which have ...
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Which app opens ad webpages in my Windows 10? [duplicate]

Recently many ad pages are opened in default browser in my Windows 10. But I don't know which app opens these ad pages. How can I find out the app. Is there any log or software which shows the app's ...
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Malwarebytes identified Google Chrome user data as "potentially unwanted"!

A few days back I faced irritating popups called "Ads by Advertise" in Google Chrome, which displays ads when certain highlighted keywords were hovered over. The issue was specific to Chrome (it did ...
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Opera inserts unwanted tiles into my speed dial

Opera Browser v51.0 inserts parasite advertisement tiles into its speed dial at random moments of time. Is there some way to stop it from doing this? May be by blocking some URLs or IP addresses? I ...
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free wifi and advertisement [closed]

I am providing free WiFi to everyone in public area like airport . Since I am providing free services , I want to earn through advertisement and videos which will be shown while connecting WiFi. ...
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2 answers

How to get Viber desktop ads to go away

Viber desktop has been great up until the past couple of weeks. Now the ads in the bottom under contacts are video ads and they're making Viber lock up so badly. It jilts the typing 99% of the time ...
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In Firefox + Adblock Plus, is there a way to block auto-playing videos ONLY on specific websites, from specific domains, etc.?

In Firefox + Adblock Plus, is there a way to block auto-playing videos only on specific websites, from specific domains, etc.? In general, sites that use auto-play abuse it, but some may be reluctant ...
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Disable ads in Viber

Recent version of Viber on Windows started displaying ads. It appeared in sidebar under contacts. There is no GUI option to disable. How can I disable them?
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Chrome keeps opening up

Every now and then chrome opens up I'm wonder what is responsible for this?
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How can I get rid of PDF Architect desktop ads?

I have the PDF Architect 3 installed on my computer (Windows 7). This super-annoying pop-up ad appears in the right corner of the desktop each time I start my computer: Can I disable it somehow? ...
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How to reliably block "Come here often ? Make Google your home page." popup?

When I do google search I see this popup from time to time on search results page in upper right corner: From this question on SO I knew that it's appearance depends on cookies set by google and ...
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How WiFi advertising work? [closed]

There are some router-like devices like this one which push advertisements when the user connects to the wireless network. How these and the other "like our ...
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How to remove ads from chrome search results?

I have enabled AdBlock Plus extension as well as unchecked "allow non-intrusive ads" option. But I still see these ads when I search anything in google on Chrome browser. First I thought these were ...
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website forcing to disable adblocker how to get rid of this

following is the link which I am trying to open in my Windows 8.1 laptop.
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How can I get my "Notebook PC" to follow links it should, and not auto-click on rogue links?

I bought an ASUS awhile back; it's perhaps the worst purchase I've ever made (if I ignore the bottle of Saki that smelled like dirty socks, that is) - so sue me, Asus! I call it an "ad machine." ...
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Firefox: Basic Authentication Prompt

I have a strange problem with multiple websites showing a Basic Auth popup as pictured below. I've also listed the request and response headers. Does anyone know how this can be happening, can't find ...
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Blocking the ISP's ads appearing after a possible DNS grab and redirect via port 53?

I'm asking this question here because I already asked it on ProWebmasters and the moderators said the people on SuperUser might be able to answer it. The question: https://webmasters.stackexchange....
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How to block JW Player (ads) in Firefox?

The computer doesn't even have Flash installed yet still gets ads through JW Player. This is really annoying as they have audio. It has Adblock Plus installed but doesn't block JW Player ads, like on ...
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2 answers

How to block all in-page pop-ups?

My questions is about those pop-ups that cover the entire page and are just regular DOM elements such as <div> but I don't know what they are called. They usually contain some social media links ...
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How to remove Offers4U Ads from Chrome on Mac [duplicate]

My browser will fill up with offers4u ads whenever I open any shopping website. I have AdBlocker Plus, I've uninstalled all extensions, but still the ads are coming. Can anyone solve my problem? ...
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Any possibility targeted ads still work in Safari private mode [closed]

I have a friend that claims that she gets targeted ads in Safari in private mode. I've told her it's not possible, but she seem to be very sure about it. So I wonder, is this possible, at all? ...
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What are these strange embedded link advertisements on web pages that shouldn’t have such content?

My question might seem similar to “How to Block Static Ads”, however I am asking for the server-side prevention, rather than the client-side prevention. This is something I have been seeing over a ...
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War on ads: Stop IE11 from even requesting Javascript files

There is a point when enough is enough. And it is now. Ads, vids, pop up, hover, cover, whizz-bang doodle bling and autoplay … I can't stand it any more. With HTML5, this ad crap has become a plight ...
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Show welcome website before using wifi

My idea is simple but i dont know how to do the result. I made a free wifi hotspot in our "company" via tplink WR940N. All id like to do now, is to user, that uses our wifi, will be after he ...
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What is the difference between 4K, UHD and QHD? Do we agree on one official resolution?

Nowadays it seems that Full HD isn’t enough anymore and the terms “4K,” “QHD” and “UHD” are thrown around interchangeably. At the same time, there is not just one “4K” resolution in the catalogs. I ...
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Website keeps "complaining" about my using an ad-blocker. What to do?

I'm using Ghostery and AdBlock Edge on my browser (Firefox). Some sites ask you once to maybe white-list them; and I just ignore that. But some sites (specific example: when you're a ...
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Internet Explorer playing ads in background, possible malware [duplicate]

I think I may have a virus. The audio of ads keep blasting in the background and I found the source to be internet explorer. Task Manager shows Internet Explorer open in the applications tab but there ...
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How do I stop ads in my browsers?

My web browsers all keep getting completely infested with ads any time I run them. I primarily use Chrome, although I have IE installed as well, and that program also has the problem. I ran Norton ...
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Save YouTube ad

I'm doing some research and would like to save some YouTube ads to a local video file. No, I'm not interested in the videos themselves but the ads that show before or during the video plays. None of ...
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Advertising banner in Firefox - where does it come from and how to remove

I get an advertising banner at the top of all webpages I view in Firefox. I would like to know where this comes from and how to remove it. UPDATE I just realized, that when going with the mouse over ...
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How to stop the Browser from automatically opening a new window of ad.adsmatte?

when i load the SO and when I click login it opens a new window for,when i click questions/Tags or any option available on any site like this it is automatically opening a new window ...
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ISP is inserting ads into web pages

My ISP is inserting ads into web pages randomly (it is like a popup in the bottom right side). I have tried different browsers but same thing happens. I know it is not caused by any virus because ads ...
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